Estimated cost of carpet disposal to landfill - £750,000 pa & rising as landfill tax increases!

carpet disposal

People significantly underestimate the results that can be achieved by a Professional Carpet Clean. We all know how easy it is to spill a drink or gather a collection of sticky paw prints on our upholstery from our children! We can rejuvenate the life of your carpet and upholstery and achieve unbelievable results.

Preserving the appearance of your carpet and upholstery will not only eradicate germs, allergens and dust mites but help maintain the standards of appearance expected to create a home to be proud of.

We understand that carpet becomes worn, dated and with ever increasing desires for interior design one may wish to change their colour scheme more frequently than we used to. When your carpets lifespan has come to an end or you wish to re-vamp your colour scheme, we thoroughly recommend you invest in a carpet of high quality using a professional fitter to minimize waste and achieve the high expectations of our customers. We recommend T. PICKFORD (Chalfont St. Peter)

We are so confident in our system, evidenced by the results achieved for the past 30 + years, we merely suggest if you feel your carpet and upholstery is looking tired and grubby, allow us achieve the result you may be hoping for and for a fraction of the cost.

We guarantee to exceed your expectations!

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